Why Knuckleheads?

For many the name Knuckleheads draws visions of the Three Stooges  and one of their recurring insults “You Knucklehead!”   (Ironically, when first opened, there were three owners of the bar, but that is not the reference in this case. )

The managing owner of Knuckleheads is a motorcycle enthusiast and rider.

The name Knucklehead refers to a style of Harley-Davidson engine (not a particular bike). Historically, it was the third main type of engine that used by the company. It was widely used in the 1930’s & 40’s. It was known as OHV in all Harley-Davidson literature.

Wait.  So how did an OHV become a Knucklehead? Seems the California Chopper culture of the 1960’s referred to any bike with this engine as a Knucklehead because the valve covers look like the knuckles on a person’s hand when a fist is made. Over time this easily identifiable design & nickname merged & spread across the USA to became part of motorcycle ‘lingo’.

The name lets savvy customers know the bar’s motorcycle theme.   The bar is truly a good-will ambassador – complete with bike related charity events, summer bike nights and areas for bike parking. It’s a great bar for locals who like a good time at a fair price, and not necessarily Harley enthusiasts!


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